Saturday, December 3, 2016

My Birth Story

Wow, time has flown by and I wanted to share my birth story before it leaves my brain. So, I awoke to just another chilly, rainy fall day. My sister was visiting so we went for our morning hike. During the hike I was feeling so minor pains at 10 am and they seemed to stop. Later in the day I was still having very light pains so I took a bath to relax. I must say this is my first baby and I was in my 40th week.

Fast forward to 5:45pm and I was really feeling the contractions animal sounds and laying in frog pose. My sister was a life saver calling the midwife updating her on my progress. We finally left close to 6pm and of all days traffic was horrible and the rain was pelting down. The midwifery clinic was 30 minutes away. My water broke in the car which made me nervous and I got louder. I was pushing in the car and we pulled up to the door and she started crowning as I walked down the stairs. My midwife had to place her hand between my legs. I almost didn't make it to the bed and she was born!

The overall experience was amazing and still hard to believe.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Why am I starting a blog

My motivation:

My motivation for starting this blog is to write down my experience as well as connect with other woman that are going through or have been through this. Sharing and connecting with other woman is a must and a way to empower each other to be ourselves whatever that looks like.

My story:

This pregnancy has made me face my fears, nurture myself and slowdown. In the beginning I was taking a passive stance in my decisions with this pregnancy. Then it hit me that this is my journey and I need to do what works for me and no one else. So, I chose a midwife which has empowered me to  trust my body and slowdown to enjoy the amazing changes my body is undergoing. So, as I sit and write this I am 8 months pregnant and have 5 weeks to go!!

My feminine reclaiming: 

I think as woman we are told and shown that there are certain ways to be beautiful. These ways are confined in a narrow box. We forget that a woman's body is a vessel of endless beauty and cannot fit into a box. This is a concept I have recently embraced through my pregnancy, birth books and prenatal yoga. As, Ina May Gaskin says in her Birth Matters book: Pregnancy is an awakening to our feminine energy. I believe this to be true as our bodies transform physically and our minds emotionally there is a shift that happened for me which made me see the beauty in what the feminine body and mind can do. We underestimate our power and voice so I am here to reclaim mine.

So, as I embark on this journey of blogging and birth I invite you to share your stories or thoughts.